Moonstone is a “dream stone”, it amplifies lucid dreaming, intuition, psychic perceptions and harmonizes with the Universe. It is believed that at the full moon, the moonlight amplifies the stone in such a way that allows its wearer to perceive the future. It supports flexibility with life’s events, and helps handle personal emotions better, preventing feelings of overwhelm and worry. It reminds its wearer that everything is a component of the cycle of life, and so is highly beneficial for teenagers (boys and girls). It soothes anxiety, stress, panic attacks, and general fear. In the physical body it balances hormones, reduces swelling and water retention, heals stomach and pancreas, and revitalizes pituitary gland.



Pearl is a “tear of the gods” - it symbolizes purity and innocence, faith and nurturing. It enhances personal integrity and wisdom, clearing the path inside you for Soul’s guidance. Pearl is honored as a stone, even though it comes from the animal kingdom (a six-sided calcium carbonate “plates” in crystalline form, deposited in concentric layers by a river or sea mollusk). It holds lunar water energy, and thus is very effective for emotional balancing, self-reflection, and the attunement to the flow of life. It represents the ultimate feminine, the Goddess and the number six, mothering and nurturing. It supports feeling safe, protected and loved. It is receptive, and so if while wearing it you have experienced emotional trauma, make sure you cleanse it in the moonlight or starlight for a night or two before wearing it again. It lessens stress, hypertension, and exhaustion, while gently recharging you with love.


Rutilated Quartz

Rutilated Quartz is often called the “Venus Hair” because of the golden hair-like inclusions/needles of titanium dioxide. It is a powerful metaphysical stone, enhancing understanding of your spiritual direction. It helps in decision-making and confidence, helps strategizing and finding appropriate solutions to current issues (without reacting or overacting). It diminishes fears, depression, loneliness and unwanted energetic intrusions (like circular thoughts and/or lower-astral worry and fear patterns). Physically it supports assimilation of nutrients, absorption of vitamins and medications, also assists in tissue regeneration (great stone for healing burned skin, and for clearing any scar tissue), and it has anti-aging properties. It helps recover from radiation (good support after the radiation therapy) and from nausea (relieves morning sickness, and transformational 3rd chakra adjustments which can result in nausea). It radiates powerful magical energy and can be used to enhance any intent/ritual.


Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is a “Higher Mind Enlightment stone” – it amplifies the higher vibrations, making it easier to feel connected to your spiritual aspects, easier to perceive life from the Higher Mind perspective. Because it is neutral, it can be programmed by the wearer to radiate any desired mental beneficial frequency. Clear crystal is a general balancer; it makes everything work well together inside you – physically, emotionally and mentally. It can be used for amplification of spiritually beneficial patterns in order to override the stuck karmic overlays. It is a “master healer stone” and can be used for internal and external healing of any condition or situation because it tends to bring the wearer into the most perfect state of balance possible at that time. Physically is heals the nervous system and amplifies the etheric health blueprint, releasing any disease. It is a deep clearing stone, bringing all energy bodies into purity of their original design. It relates the physical world to the Higher Mind and vice versa. It is connected to the energies of the Sun and the Moon simultaneously, balancing electric/masculine and magnetic/feminine within you. It is a powerful amplifier of magic/beneficial unknown.


Gray Striped Agate

Gray Striped Agate is an “anti-anxiety stone”. It positively affects emotions and attitudes. It balances the nerves, heals anxiety, panic attacks, nightmares and nervousness, brings peace into worried minds. If you wear this stone continuously, the stress melts away, giving way to emotional calmness and mental clarity. It is a communication stone as well, it gently guides you to the resolution of conflicts and inner peace.
It vibrates with a low calming note, providing strengthening and stabilizing influence by balancing physical, emotional and mental components of its wearer. If you have a difficulty expressing your emotions without becoming upset, this stone is for you.
Physically it repels the worry and confusion on the cellular level as well, helping to prevent cancer or making it harder for existing cancer to grow. It supports reproductive system (in both men and women) and invigorates the digestive system (our health is dependant on it!)


Smoky Agate

Smoky Agate is a “dream stone”, it looks like a grayish fog. It enhances vivid and lucid dreaming, amplifies magic of the moment. Opening the wearer to multitude of possibilities, it helps reduce narrow-mindedness and limitations of perception. Releases victim-mode thinking and judgments on reality, allowing you the perception of what is not traditionally accepted as norm. It is known to bring fairies into one's conscious awareness. It is a very good stone for enhancing inner journeying, meditation, visualization, and creativity.
Many consider Smoky Agate to be a great stone for the support of one's "green thumb", helping one in gardening pursuits as well as synchronizing one's energy with one's house plants. 


White Agate

White Agate is an “emotional peace stone” – it clears emotional shock and pain. Any old feelings, frozen by sudden fright, begin to melt and flow away. It soothes nervousness, worry and difficult feelings, heals stoicism and the inability to cry. Helps deal with sudden events, grief. White Agate is very supportive in dealing with overwhelm and a stimuli overload, helping the wearer filter the noise out.  It brings the wearer into the current time, melting away worries about future negative outcomes.


Cachalong (opaque opal)

Cachalong helps to make good decisions and brings to you helpful people, good friends and honest love. It is a great stone for harmonizing relationships, brings love back into marriage, soothing discord between parents and children. Because it is linked with the crown chakra, and it activates decisiveness from the heart, it is a great stone for anyone in position of power and responsibility (doctors, teachers, lawyers, politicians, business owners etc.) 
Physically it brings comfort and healing. Placed by the head of an ill person it speeds up recovery. As a “woman’s stone”, it supports mothers, brings ease during the birthing process and stimulates production of milk, protects mother and baby from disease and stress. In men it amplifies sperm count and potency.


Translucent Opal

Translucent Opal is an “inspiration stone” – it enhances imagination and creative visualization. It also enhances dreams and helps remember them. It can cloak you in its aura, making you “invisible” to the people you choose to not be noticed by. It centers you, while gradually opening your psychic abilities (clairvoyance, clairsentience). Its soft touch gently guides you on your spiritual path. It is a very sensitive stone and you must take care to never expose it to extreme temperature changes (for example, from highly air-conditioned room to the heat of the street) or an ultrasonic cleaner, because it might crack.



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