Emerald is a stone of wisdom and love, it supports intuition and idea-generating. In deep meditation Emerald can show you future outcome of an event or condition, answer questions and quiet fears. It is instrumental in bringing psychic help of your energy guides, angels, and the Universe itself – but it only works for the matters of Truth, not for personal gain. If set in silver, it supports just business ventures, promotions, marketing of the wearer, and sales of spiritually beneficial products. It acquires its green color from chromium and vanadium; if subjected to heat, it will “sweat”, expelling water, which was used alchemically by the ancient Magi as a “Portal to Enlightment” (which later was degraded by the common people as a “traveler’s stone”). It opens your capacity for enlightment, and enhances conscious understanding of the Universe. It enhances bravery in warriors (the ones who electrically push forward to achieve in life), and compassion in victors (the ones who already achieved and now have to face the ones they surpassed). It strengthens spiritual insight and physical eyesight.