Aventurine - "Gold Sand" (copper)

Copper Aventurine is a stone, developed by the Italian monks through the alchemical process of melting together silica and copper oxide in a low-oxygen environment. 
It is a “manifestation-through-action" stone. It focuses the Fire and Earth Elements to direct the energy of your intent in one potent flow - which motivates you to get things done. It enhances determination to face challenges with optimism, boots mental alertness and physical vitality. It supports your goals and renews your confidence in ability to bring your desires into reality. It allows you to overcome self-judgment that stops you on your path (clears procrastination).
"Gold Sand" also has a sensual component - it helps to bring pleasure into existence in your life, inspires sexuality and creativity. It encourages self-forgiveness, and is an antidote to self-loathing.
"Gold Sand" supports financial abundance, amplifies courage for new business / financial ventures, and enhances ability to strategize.