Labrodorite is an amazing iridescent stone with green-brown-blue shimmer. According to Inuit legend, when Aurora Borealis disappeared from the night sky, a brave young man went looking for it, and after many days in the darkness he saw it trapped in a stone! He broke the stone to free the Aurora, but Aurora liked the stone so much, that part of it remained in the stone forever, while the rest made it back to the sky. Many native northern cultures in US, Canada, Scandinavia and Siberia, honored this stone as the “part of Aurora in solid form”. The stone provides relief from anxiety and hopelessness, from depression and lost-ness, from feelings of separation and abandonment – by reconnecting you with the Universe. It resonates with the crown chakra and activates the vertical tube. It grants inner knowing of Mystery and Magic of the Universe. It enhances psychic perception and helps understand your Soul Contract, it brings light to the darker areas of your psyche.

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