Leopard Jasper

Leopard Jasper is a “shamanic journeying stone,” capable of heightening visualization to gain the answers you seek, visually enhancing your inner journeying experience. This yellow-white stone with moss-black spots blocks the unwanted lower astral interference well, so it does not influence your body, especially during your meditations. It also helps you to know how to properly serve the world around you (without over- or under-giving). If you are practicing self-healing (energetic and/or natural etc.), this is a very good stone for you to work with, because it attracts extra universal help and support. It heals the nervous system, helps electrical impulses to travel smoothly along the nerves (especially in the brain, which makes it a great anti-stroke and stroke-recovery stone!) It eliminates body odor (by helping clear the toxins in lymph and sweat), and blocks growth of fungi on/in the body (yet does not help with bacterial and viral infections, only the fungal ones) – thus relieving mold allergies. It also amplifies communication between the physical body and the mind, helping us comprehend the body’s messages.