Charoite only exists in one place in the world – in Siberia, Yakut region near river Chara. Its violet, lilac and dark purple color were believed to facilitate “deep transformation”, and so a tea was made with Charoite stone in the pot, then water drunken to support prosperity, health and peace. It is a “shamanic transformation stone” – it holds the power of spiritual freedom, it transforms negative emotions like anger and hatred into positive ones, and helps clear them from your energy system. It releases victimization and helps discovery of the Soul-Self, your true power and self-worth. It promotes assertiveness and inspiration. If this stone is worn during sleep, it enhances psychic abilities (clairvoyance and prophecy) and releases any negative entities and implants, which might be stuck in your energy field. Physically heals migraines and neurological problems, liver, radiation and chemo-therapy poisoning, releases addictions (physical and emotional!) and claustrophobia.