For almost 30 years Eduard Oganov has  produced handcrafted jewelry. His unique style is achieved without casting, by bending, shaping and soldering high quality silver, often incorporating gold into one-of-a-kind designs.

Mr. Oganov came to United States from the former Soviet Union in 1992. In the Soviet Union, at the beginning of his career, he was interested in semi-precious stones. At that time in Russia obtaining such stones was extremely difficult. It was common for Mr. Oganov to take long trips into the mountains to collect the stones himself. Self-trained, he could recognize the semi-precious stones in their natural rock formations. At home in his workshop he would cut, polish and fashion the stones. Parallel to his passion for stones was his desire to incorporate them into unique jewelry.

His jewelry style was established in 1983 and became widely known in his homeland. Beginning with necklaces, rings, earrings and solid - band bracelets, he then expanded into creating pendants and link bracelets.

Upon arriving in the United States, Mr. Oganov began making his mark in the Russian community in New York. Over the years Mr. Oganov has established a solid returning customer base and now sells privately through a traveling representative in New York, Boston, Virginia Beach, Denver and Seattle.

Eduard’s daughter, Eugenia, grew up surrounded by many magnificent earth stones and, over time, learned to communicate with them. Today when a jewelry piece is finished or even before it is assembled, Eugenia uses her extra-sensory abilities to work with each stone, enhancing their healing qualities. Each stone has a particular energy or consciousness given to it by the Earth. If that consciousness is amplified, it can have a tremendous positive effect on the physical body and personality.

In all the jewelry pieces Eduard makes, the semi-precious stone’s energy is amplified and anchored by Eugenia through a special energy enhancement process. This allows the jewelry to interact with your physical body and your energy, helping to create health, ease and balance in your life. Each unique design is set in the highest quality of silver or gold, which anchors the medicinal qualities of the jewelry.