Eudialyte is a “personal power activator”, it deepens your ability to act powerfully and appropriately, as it is related to the “blood, spilled for independence” (it is called “defended-warrior blood”). It supports the heart activation and the link with the “All That Is” spiritual love. This stone helps to connect personal power and the heart (root, 3rd, 4th and 6th chakras), helps to release judgment and reservations. Because of its third eye connection, it supports clairvoyants and helps non-clairvoyants to open the third eye, heightens high-sensory awareness in general, and helps the physical eyes (the optic nerves). Because of its root chakra connection, it opens the vertical tube (Kundalini support). It activates the Alpha brain pattern during the dream states and creative activities. This stone vibrates at energy to number 3 (all trinities). This wonderful purple with black spots stone comes from Russia.

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