Green Jasper

Green Jasper helps to smooth out over-sensitivity to crystalline electric structures, making one’s reaction more gradual and “communal” with electric. It also balances emotional, astral and unconditional bodies, works with all chakras, but amplifies mostly root and heart chakra. This stone is calming, de-stressing; and brings “magnetic coolness” to the “hot headed” people (usually magnetic/feminine is a warm energy, but here it has a cooling influence). This stone links your physical and spiritual sides. In the physical body it helps to recharge blood and has an anti-hemorrhaging factor (works with platelets and hemoglobin in the blood plasma). Metaphysically this amazing stone vibrates to number 44 (which means “intuition and inner wisdom”). This stone is from Siberia, exists only in one place in the world - Revnevoya Gora (mountain) by the river Altai (next to Tibetan region).