Hematite is a “stabilizer stone”, it grounds and charges the lower levels of the energy field, helps mental concentration and productivity. It decreases negativity by sucking it into itself and neutralizing it. It helps balance body, mind and spirit, holding them in proper alignment through the vertical tube. Ancient Egyptians used hematite to stop the bleeding (including after the childbirth) and to promote regeneration of red blood cells; it was believed that it guaranteed the entry into the afterlife and was placed in every tomb. Native Americans believed it protected warriors from “spilling blood” during battle and helped women survive childbirth. To clean the energy hematite absorbed, do not place it in water – instead put it next to any other crystals/stones for a day. Physically hematite amplifies and revitalizes the immune system, clears viral infections, and supports healing of all the blood-related problems (including varicose veins, thrombophlebitis, blood cell mutations and blood chemistry imbalances). It should not be worn next to the inflammation area because it will amplify it due to its desire to suck negativity out of it – but if worn on the body elsewhere, it will heal that inflammation.