Malachite - in ancient Egypt priests wore it as necklaces and priestesses wore it in their headdresses and as an eye makeup in order to raise their vibration and to stay in contact with the Solar Council. It was told that the sky goddess Nut drops Malachite from the sky to earth in order for people to remember their history. The pharaoh’s crown was inlaid with malachite to help him rule justly and fairly. Drinking from a malachite cup is believed to open one up to communication with non-human entities. Malachite is an “archive stone” – it holds the memory of everything that ever happened on the planet. Wearing it helps you remember your consciousness roots; it amplifies personal presence and the feeling of belonging on Earth. Amplifying psychic perceptions, it helps the wearer experience the core part of Soul-Self. It opens chakras, bringing other lives (past and parallel) into awareness. It has steady pulsing electro-magnetic field, which amplifies vitality. Physically it improves circulation, helps heal sinusitis, and wakes cells up for self-healing.