Obsidian is a very powerful centering and grounding stone, it clears negative physical karma, helps to disconnect from harmful habits and increases productivity and creative manifestation. Obsidian is connected to the Fire and Water elements simultaneously because it formed as a result of volcanic lava coming in contact with water. It absorbs all negativity, and transmutes it into neutral. It does not make you happy, but it relieves pain and emotional suffering, neutralizes any agony or distress. When the past life karma comes up in this life to be worked with, Obsidian helps face it by opening the inner vision and activating the third eye, so you can see what you need in order to heal it. It radiates potency and strength, focuses your attention, heals grief, absorbs physical and emotional pain, minimizes any addictive behavior (especially food related and sexual). Physically it aids in regeneration of tissues and nerves, clears infections.