Sapphire is a stone of “Mental Mastery of discernment”. It teaches you to be responsible for your thoughts and beliefs, bringing into your awareness anything that is discordant with your Soul’s view. Your thoughts and concepts, beliefs and attitudes shape your life. Because Sapphire wants you to become a master of your thoughts, it will amplify any thought that is in a way, so you can deal with it – thus be prepared to experience strong thoughts and if, after conscious review, you do not agree with your own thought, this is your opportunity to clear it by making a conscious choice to question it, reassess your view and choose to believe something else! Sapphire is a portal to Higher Mind, and will teach its wearer how to focus intentions. It is second hardest (after diamond) stone on earth, and it enhances concentration and mental focus, helps you hold intent during meditation. It minimizes your emotional reactions and protects from negative external interference. It promotes fairness and loyalty, justice and chastity. It has a strong dampening effect of the Higher Mind on addictions, dependencies, and irresponsible behavior. Sapphire deflects away from you poisonous people, who might want to pollute your life, or suck your energy. Physically it helps heal epilepsy, fainting, vertigo and nerve spasms. It also clears skin conditions, heart and uterine problems.

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