Gray Striped Agate

Gray Striped Agate is an “anti-anxiety stone”. It positively affects emotions and attitudes. It balances the nerves, heals anxiety, panic attacks, nightmares and nervousness, brings peace into worried minds. If you wear this stone continuously, the stress melts away, giving way to emotional calmness and mental clarity. It is a communication stone as well, it gently guides you to the resolution of conflicts and inner peace.
It vibrates with a low calming note, providing strengthening and stabilizing influence by balancing physical, emotional and mental components of its wearer. If you have a difficulty expressing your emotions without becoming upset, this stone is for you.
Physically it repels the worry and confusion on the cellular level as well, helping to prevent cancer or making it harder for existing cancer to grow. It supports reproductive system (in both men and women) and invigorates the digestive system (our health is dependant on it!)