Sugilite helps with understanding of difficult lessons in life. By helping you face these lessons, it supports detecting and transmuting karma. It brings into focus spiritual reasons for negative circumstances in your life, making it easier to change them. It moves you out of repetitive habitual emotional patterns, releases mental stuck-ness, and amplifies courage to act and change. It enhances your Higher Self presence, your belief in yourself, your spiritual direction and internal abilities needed for the change. Opening your mind to the higher frequencies, it uplifts your conscious understanding of reality and opens your system for reception of psychic vibrations and channeling. It nullifies feelings of worthlessness and lack. It encourages peace of mind, calmness and presence by dissipating anger, frustration, annoyance, fear and anxiety. In the physical body it reduces stress, heals adrenals and nervous system, and revitalizes the brain. Sugilite is a very potent stone and it constantly receives energy, so if you are using it for personal work, you must discharge it by placing it once a month next to a hematite for 24 hours.