Titanium Druzy

Titanium Druzy is an amazing amplifier, this stone brings a fast vibration into your energy field, raising the total resonance of your system. It consists of tiny quartz crystals, formed within/on the surface of other stones over long period of time in the ground. When ground water, carrying dissolved silica, is forced into a porous area of the rock, rapid cooling often occurs, causing the formation of these tiny crystals on the surfaces or in cavities of the rock. The clear crystals form on top of previously deposited minerals, which give them color as the minerals and silica chemically interact. Titanium Druzy can be natural or not – it is an agate, which is infused with vaporized titanium on the molecular level, which occurs in volcanoes, but can also be done by people – the effect is the same, so is the energy, because the original Druzy crystals are still natural. Titanium Druzy calms stressed mind and worried feelings. It helps develop the Higher Mind connection and application of it onto the everyday life. It also amplifies intuition and mental clarity. To the physical body it gives vitality and releases tension, toxicity and negative genetic influences. It also clears the “dampening” effect that sadness, grief and depression can have on the body.

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