Turquoise is a “freedom of flight” stone, in ancient Egypt was called the “Life stone”. This stone supports expansiveness and openness. Like an eagle flying very high, able to see far away, it helps you perceive the bigger picture of any event. It cleanses all the chakras and links you with the Unity Consciousness. It builds a spiritual bridge between the wearer and the psychic worlds, opening up your intuition and psychic abilities. It also deflects anything that is of low consciousness, and can heal misunderstandings. It teaches you to “love your enemies”, healing discord and allowing for a higher view on the disagreements. It represents a magnetic/feminine polarity, and can heal headaches, migraines, female hormonal issues, and heal tissue and bleeding wounds. If it is worn every day, it can show developing illness by changing color (if this is the case, place it into a bowl of hematite stones, or into a piece of red meat, and it will recharge, regain its color, then wear it again, and it will promote healing).

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