“White Sand” (zinc aventurine)

Zinc Aventurine is a stone, developed by the Italian monks through the alchemical process of melting together silica and copper oxide, plus some zinc, in a low-oxygen environment. 
It is a “manifestation stone”, brings what you desire to you, amplifies the power of attraction. Whatever you want (money, relationships, clients, friends, specific events) it magnetizes towards you. 
But be careful – this stone finds what we desire by what is the strongest charge inside of us. If the strongest charge is fear, or anger, or low self-esteem, it will attract circumstance to clear these, which might not feel good. "White Sand" does not make your desires positive, or link you with the Higher Self – that is your job – it will help you manifest from wherever you are, positive or negative. Because of this many consider it a great catalyzer - it shows us what we need to work on, so beware.