Amethyst wakes up inner wisdom and grants an understanding of the hidden knowledge. It is able to transmute energy and open portals to the non-physical worlds, which is why the ancient Magi believed it protected against black magic. It helps to gain awareness and break old destructive patterns by bringing in high vibrations, facilitating conceptual change, while at the same time changing toxic emotional reactions. It breaks through illusions and supports justice in all things, pushing away misunderstandings, violations and aggression. It releases negative attachments and habits. It supports development of channeling, interaction with your energy guides, psychic abilities and inner wisdom. It also promotes fearless speaking, and helps you stand in your truth no matter what. It heals the nervous system, migraines and headaches, mental issues like panic attacks, epilepsy, and schizophrenia. It also enhances the immune systems, cures allergies and supports vitality in the blood.