Ruby - a “Divine Love stone”, it teaches us how to fully perceive true Beauty and Power, contained in our higher feelings, and how to transmute lower emotions. Wearing Ruby you will become less emotionally reactive, learn to feel deeply. It leads you into depth of your feelings so that you can gain mastery. “Feeling Mastery” does not mean “feeling everything all the time”, instead it is about allowing yourself to fully feel and deepen into the higher feelings, process and transmute the lower feelings, and know where and how much to express your feelings. Because Ruby wants you to transmute negative feelings, it will amplify them – thus be prepared to face them. It is a stone of a gracious leader. Ancient people believed that it can give person the strength of a lion, fearlessness of an eagle, and wisdom of a cobra. Physically it stimulates circulation and protects the heart. It can also repel fears, confusion, nightmares, melancholy and false friends.