Carnelian is a “self-love stone”, it amplifies warmth of love for self, while releasing self-judgment and self-punishment. Stimulating and empowering you with the feeling of caring, it relaxes and melts the worries away. The charge that one slowly acquires from wearing Carnelian supports personal leadership, motivation, and endurance.
In ancient Egypt master-architects used Carnelian as a claim of their professional status and position. In the Middle Ages the Alchemists used Carnelian as a "Fire activator" for their chemical mixtures. Druids placed Carnelian onto their breast plates to prevent the plagues in their community. Christian priests fastened Carnelian onto their necks as a symbol for martyrs and the endurance of faith. Ancient warriors wore Carnelian necklaces to enhance their courage and the "endurance of the blood" to win the battle.
It also carries the consciousness of sensual loving, helping you awaken sexuality, sensuality, and attractiveness. It cleanses physical cells, emotions and thoughts by absorbing energy “junk”. It amplifies sexual desire (and helps to achieve orgasms), while releasing jealousy and envy; emphasizes positive outlook on life, helps career achievements. 
In the physical body it enhances the immune system, makes lungs stronger, clears toxins, helps heal open wounds/cuts/ulcers, heals rheumatism and other inflammations, and rejuvenates red blood cells.