Red-Orange Picture Agate

Red-Orange Picture Agate is a “harmonizing electro-magnetic stone” – it bring the “inner King” (the active side of personality) and the “inner Queen” (the receptive side) into balance inside you, allowing them to have a healthy harmonious relationship with each other. This stone works as “marriage counseling” for these two components of you (emotional/feeling side and thinking side). When these two sides of you are toxic, they are at war with each other and the external reality, making your life difficult, painful, and confusing. When they are balanced, the peace and awakened perception follows. The healthy electric (the “inner King”) is all about support, patience, cooperative strategies and responsibility, and the healthy magnetic (“inner Queen”) is the presence of love, connectedness, wisdom and pleasure.
Picture Agate retains the energy of sunlight, thus bringing comfort during the long nights - which works great for the lonely hearts as well as for seasonal depression!
Born inside the Earth 187 millions of years ago, the Picture Agate's power contains the memory of the heart of Earth, while retaining the sunlight. Because of it, this stone is an amazing "connector" - it helps us feel like we belong on Earth. The Oneness of the biosphere of this planet is reflected by this stone. If you are having difficulty fitting in, or having the hard time with the lower vibrations of Earth, Picture Agate will help you feel the Fire of the inner core of the Earth and the Fire of the Sun married to one another - generating a potent Oneness for all of us.