Pearl is a “tear of the gods” - it symbolizes purity and innocence, faith and nurturing. It enhances personal integrity and wisdom, clearing the path inside you for Soul’s guidance. Pearl is honored as a stone, even though it comes from the animal kingdom (a six-sided calcium carbonate “plates” in crystalline form, deposited in concentric layers by a river or sea mollusk). It holds lunar water energy, and thus is very effective for emotional balancing, self-reflection, and the attunement to the flow of life. It represents the ultimate feminine, the Goddess and the number six, mothering and nurturing. It supports feeling safe, protected and loved. It is receptive, and so if while wearing it you have experienced emotional trauma, make sure you cleanse it in the moonlight or starlight for a night or two before wearing it again. It lessens stress, hypertension, and exhaustion, while gently recharging you with love.