Rutilated Quartz

Rutilated Quartz is often called the “Venus Hair” because of the golden hair-like inclusions/needles of titanium dioxide. It is a powerful metaphysical stone, enhancing understanding of your spiritual direction. It helps in decision-making and confidence, helps strategizing and finding appropriate solutions to current issues (without reacting or overacting). It diminishes fears, depression, loneliness and unwanted energetic intrusions (like circular thoughts and/or lower-astral worry and fear patterns). Physically it supports assimilation of nutrients, absorption of vitamins and medications, also assists in tissue regeneration (great stone for healing burned skin, and for clearing any scar tissue), and it has anti-aging properties. It helps recover from radiation (good support after the radiation therapy) and from nausea (relieves morning sickness, and transformational 3rd chakra adjustments which can result in nausea). It radiates powerful magical energy and can be used to enhance any intent/ritual.