Pietersite is known as the “Tempest Stone” because of its highly charged energy – like feeling electricity in the air before a thunderstorm. Like lightning, it zaps negative energy, emotional turmoil, and imbalances in the energy field, and immediately transmutes them – clears the air and makes all things new again. Pietersite is doubed “the weather protection stone” because it is believed to keep one safe from the elements. For example, your home from flooding, keeping you safe while driving in bad weather, while flying through a storm, or experiencing high waves at sea. It also calms people and animals from weather-related fears. Another great use of this stone is as a protection from the EM energy noise generated by everyday technology – computers, cells phones, gadgets. Pietersite is a great help in breaking addictions – it increases resolve and willpower, while revealing to your mind the causes of your addiction.
There is also one more unusual quality – it can help creative people earn money by applying their creative energy because it helps build confidence in one's own abilities.

In the energy system, Pietersite strongly affects the 2nd, 3rd and 6th chakras. It also activates the etheric body (you might literally feel the buzz of storm-like  electrical energy), but does not affect grounding through the root in the traditional sense. This “etheric activation” can allow you to meditate more deeply and be physically calmer. This also enhances one’s ability to “etherically travel” – tune into different places and experience them remotely.