Kyanite is a “pathway maker” – it creates paths where none have existed before. It builds bridges between you and whatever you intend (person, event, energy, opening, information). This stone does not give you the outcome – it gives you the opportunity. In the Mind, it clears paths to understanding, allowing you more clarity and even psychic abilities. In the emotional body is bridges conflicting energies and smoothes emotionally impulsive reactions. In the physical body it enhances communication on the cellular level, helping the brain to regenerate (enhancing memory and recall). It also supports the cells to clear out toxins, and amplifies communication in the endocrine, nervous and immune systems. It is a great stone for children who have difficulty fitting in socially – wearing Kyanite helps them find creative ways of interacting with others without self-erasure.

This stone is a great help in mending damaged relationships, in working through disagreements and disputes – it allows the wearer to “see both sides” and thus make wiser choices. It is beneficial in arbitrations, negotiations, and diplomatic missions – it promotes communication. It is a great stone for someone who feels lost – Kyanite generates bridges to build a “pathway grid” to get you back on track, and out of self-destructive loops.

It does not assimilate or retain negative energy of any kind, thus it does not require cleaning (in fact, it can be used to clean other stones!)